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Sunday September 19th, 10am

Ever looked at a celebrity who had everything you could ever want and more, and was adored by everyone you could ever think of, and they ruined their life through a series of bad decisions, and they have so start from scratch? Anytime that name is mentioned, all you can think about anymore is the negativity or bad reputation.

We all think that if we had all that power, money, influence, and ability, we would never do what they did.
It turns out we may not be that different, because in each of us there is an element of temptation that someone who is much smarter than us uses us. It is very easy for us to go from; "I would never do that" to "how did I find myself here".
So are we doomed forever, or is there a way out?
Join us this Sunday as we talk about temptation.

10am, at Seven Oaks School'

Pastor: Martin Kariuki


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At Halswell Community Church our vision is to grow courageous leaders, from a committed, supportive and outward looking community that disciples people in the way of Jesus. We hope to inspire transformation by bearing witness to the saving grace of Jesus and God’s kingdom values of hope and love for all.

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